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After the review process, Verichains' official auditing report has the final conclusion that:

  • All Xpool smart contracts that were deployed on BSC Mainnet (listed on this report) are forked from the AAVE smart contracts
  • Almost all of the modifications are for the change of network adaption and do not affect the main business logic (except the addtion of time locking logic in StakedToken)
  • The Xpool system that was deployed on BSC mainnet (with all smart contracts listed on this report) will work similar to the Aave system that was deployed on Ethereum mainnet)

Importance of security

For any decentralized platform, ensuring users' assets safety is the top priority responsibility of the developer team. Xpool understands our mission that bring the lending protocol with highest security to BSC community, so our dev team along with Verichains team- our security consultant had invested considerably effort and work hard together to create the safest protocol.

In addition, due to the scale and significance of Xpool project, we will continue to work with multiple partners to audit smart contracts that can ensure to keep our protocol more and more safety!


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